Watch List

I’ve long been a fan of movies and TV, my dad works in film and so this was a medium I grew up around. I think it’s a thrilling medium in which to send a message because there’s something very striking about images that can call right into our heart strings – for better or for worse. Seeing images you may not have ever seen before creates a lasting impact. Here you will see anything from cooking shows to moving documentaries, but everything on this list has impacted my awareness in one way or another.

*Here’s my one preface, especially to the politically driven documentaries. Understand that all media and art forms present a form of bias. I list these in no way to sway ANYONE into the message of the film but to become aware the subject matter. With all things political or personal, do your research and internal philosophizing (what is right for me?) before coming to any position*


  • Food Inc.
    • The documentary that started it all for me. Want to see some truth behind what you’re eating and where it comes from? This documentary is a great place to start
  • Forks Over Knives
    • Another formative documentary in my food journey, Forks Over Knives looks at the benefits of a plant based diet.
  • Cowspiracy
    • Do you know the environmental impact of your diet? Do you know how many resources are needed to manufacture meat? What about the lasting impact of the seafood industry? This is a documentary chocked full of facts about the environmental impact of our food choices.
  • Fed Up
    • This documentary explores the connection of the state of America’s food industries and its relation to our obesity epidemic. The amount of sugar-filled, processed food in most Americans every day eating and the food industry that aims to keep it that way is the focus.
    • This is one man’s story of trying to understand genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in his food. A very informative introduction to anyone learning about GMOs.
  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi
    • Above it all, simply a beautiful and soulful documentary about Jiro Ono – one of the top sushi makers in the world. Three Michelin stars and literally Japan made him a national treasure, Jiro is the center of this gorgeous documentary telling the story of a man living his dream every single moment.

Television Shows

  • Chef’s Table
    • Each episode of this Netflix original series centers on one chef from around the world that has a restaurant from the World’s Best Restaurants list. Episode 2 was my favorite with Dan Barber, a big player in the farm-to-table restaurant niche.
  • Mind of a Chef
    • So much good stuff in every season of this PBS show. You get a bit of cooking, a bit of travel, and a bit of something you’ve never seen before in every episode.
  • Chopped
    • Chopped is one of my favorites because without fail, I learn about a new ingredient and new methods in which to cook (quickly!) in every single episode.
  • Good Eats
    • Oh Alton Brown, one of my absolute favorite “TV Chefs.” So much science and so much food. YES!
  • Cooked
    • Based on the book, Michael Pollan examines cooking through the four basic elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth

Have a great documentary or television show that should be on this list? I want to hear about it!