What is the Fudge Vein?

You’ve grabbed your favorite pint of ice cream, get all snuggled up on the couch in your favorite sweats and about to watch your favorite movie. You pop open the lid on that bad boy of frozen creamy decadence and dig right in with the spoon. As you carve away a few bites, you can see the perfectly blended flavors in that batch. Soon enough, you find a nice chunky part of fudge that has been swirled into the pint. But, as you have a few more bites, you discover it’s not just on the surface upon which you have discovered it. This vein of fudge keeps going. All the way to the bottom. Jackpot! Gold mine! Eureka! All is right with the world because you chose THAT pint of ice cream and THAT exact angle in which to eat it that you found the PERFECT fudge vein!
This simple, easy, euphoric feeling of joy is what I call the Fudge Vein. Hitting the Fudge Vein is the bliss and elation felt from a connected and powerful experience. My mission with Fudge Vein is to bring this bliss into your relationship with food through connection and powerful experience!

Brownie Bites

My go to quick dessert recipe – it’s so incredibly easy and simple to throw together with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry! It can easily be doubled for more brownie bites or you can use for normal…

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