I am a cook

I’m a slow chopper


My cuts aren’t even


Sometimes I burn my food


Sometimes I undercook my food


I often have a glass of wine or whiskey while I cook


I love my cast-iron skillet like it’s my second pet


I don’t have the best knives (…yet)


I have one of the smallest kitchens I’ve ever seen


I work with negative counter space


I AM the dishwasher


A full fridge is a happy fridge


A sink full of dirty dishes is a humbling sign of connections made


I learn second best by watching


I learn best by doing


I’m inspired by tasting other’s creations


I live for the hunt of great new restaurant I’ve never been


Food is always the best part of traveling


I adore cooking for other people


Other people eating my food makes me nervous


I’ve been cooking for 5 years and only just begun to cook without recipes


I binge watch cooking shows


I often like to have cooking shows on while I’m home instead of music


I binge read recipes on Pinterest


I read cookbooks like they’re novels


I know what I don’t like to eat


I know the foods that resound in my heart space and play my heart strings like a harp


I like to try new things


Experiencing tastes I’ve never had before is a quick adventure without going very far


Bacon and/or butter makes every meal better


I don’t always WANT to cook


And when I do, I’m far from perfect or technically correct


But I AM a cook


Because I love to savor the creations that come from the work of my own two hands


Because I strive to exercise my mind onto an uncharted path of exploratory knowledge


Because I worship my own body


Because I honor the Earth


Because I know how to light my own heart on fire