Food Documentary: Cowspiracy

As I will say with ALL documentaries, each film has a bias and may skew images and data to support their view that they are trying to get across in the film. I love watching documentaries because they give us a glimpse into the human condition and how we have dealt or view with a certain facet of our lives. But with such free-speech media, it is incredibly important to watch with a critical mind. It is up to us as individuals to do the research and find out what is true and what is not. 


If you ever were curious to know (or have no idea) how your selection in food takes effect on the environment, this is the documentary you want to watch.

Cowspiracy centers around one man, Kip Andersen, and his journey from seeing An Inconvenient Truth and trying to do all he can to do right for our environment to unlocking this vault of what appears to be little-known knowledge and unspoken awareness about how much animal agriculture has effected (and continues to effect) our environment.

The filmmakers go on their way, trying to get information from environmental agency after agency – some government and some non-profit and you see how hard it is for them to just get someone to talk to let alone some answers. And the part that probably shocked me the most was some of the responses (or lack of) when Kip really gets down to it with some of these agencies. The facts are facts – now why aren’t these agencies talking about them?

See: political diversions and control.

What impressed me most with this documentary is the sheer amount of FACTS included and discussed. The filmmakers then post all references on their website here:

In my normal post-watch googling to fact check documentaries, I’ve yet to come across a reputable resource disputing the facts in this documentary. Which I believe to be a great testament to the filmmakers.

Personally, I will say after watching this film inspired me to cut back on my meat.  I don’t eat it every day and it furthered my personal food philosophy that the meat I do eat needs to come from animals that are raised sustainably and lived a happy life. See my Food Philosophy post for more of my personal food philosophy that I follow when making my eating choices.

There is definitely an undercurrent in the film promoting a vegan lifestyle but take it at face value. Only you can decide what is best for you and your body. Take the facts and the film together, use them to create any necessary change in your life that will generate the best possible you.